Element – The Klangauge CD

The first Klangauge CD has just been released. It was recorded in studios in Germany and Italy. Artists from various backgrounds teamed up to produce what turned out to be a very nice album: “Element”.


On this first CD, the Klangauge demonstrates that not only does it shine when played alone, it’s also very impressive when played with other instruments.

The album showcases the diversity of the instrument and releases its full potential – for example, in the pulsing rhythms of “Kaleidoscope” or for the gentle, meditative tones in “Himala”.

Here are the first sound samples, hot from the press:

1. Himala

2. Out of an open window

3. Kalimbaluna

4. Thank U Lord

5. Crowded House

6. David´s Vision

7. Kaleidoskope

8. Simple Past

9. Sufi Dance

In a music world increasingly dominated by electronics, this CD stands out with its simple, unplugged sounds and offers pure listening pleasure.

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