Worlds of Sound


The Klangauge is very versatile. Here are just a few of the ways the Klangauge can be used:

  • Having fun and discovering your creative potential, thanks to the special pentatonic tuning of the instrument. Even playing all the notes at the same time results in a floating, pleasant-sounding polyphony. You will soon be able to play not just a rhythm, but also melodies and even entire songs.
  • To play with others or to improvise, in sessions with other instruments or alone. The Klangauge is exceptionally well-suited to improvisation with other instruments.
  • For relaxing, whether listening or playing. The Klangauge can also be played with body contact. Simply place it on someone’s stomach and let them feel the vibrations flowing through the body and see what happens.
  • For children.
    Every child should learn to play an instrument as early as possible. In our opinion, this is an essential part of life. The Klangauge is very easy to master, even for very young children. It can also serve as an aid to relaxation for children with ADHD or concentration problems – or just instead of a story at bedtime. Great fun at children’s birthday parties, too!
  • Music as self-expression.
    From a very young age, we can distinguish between harmonic and disharmonic sounds. The Klangauge makes it easy to express inner feelings through music – any emotion, from anger and grief to joy and love.
  • For music lessons.
    “If we ask ourselves why music exists or why people need it, the answers form the basis of an educational imperative for schools and families. Playing a musical instrument makes young people ‘creators of culture’ – even though it may sometimes be very limited and elementary”.

(Professor Hans Günther Bastian)

Various therapeutic applications.
The Klangauge can be used for both passive and active forms of therapy. It can be played either with mallets or with the hands. The creative potential which the Klangauge sets free is particularly important to mention here. The Klangauge floats, so it’s ideal for any type of therapeutic work in water. When used in water, the sound is experienced as a strong, soothing vibration.

Special needs.
People with disabilities are often unable to play music because most instruments require strong motor skills and musical knowledge, but the Klangauge is very easy to play and immediately creates a sense of achievement.

New sounds for music, film and theatre productions.
Experience a new sound, like something from another world – a special listening experience. Films are accompanied by soundtracks, which can be used to emphasise or create moods, or awaken emotions. The Klangauge is equally suitable for creating background music for the spoken word.

For advertising.
The Klangauge can be used to convey branding messages and put the customer in a certain mood, or create associations with the brand.

I would like to share a very important piece of information with you.
Even without music lessons, anyone can have a lot of fun making their own music – it’s just a case of having the right instrument!

Have fun with the Klangauge! Jörg Künstler