Love Flute – Native American Flute

After playing this wonderful flute on several occasions and was constantly asked about it, I have now decided to include them with the assortment. It fits very well with the Klangauge and is as easy to learn because of its pentatonic tuning and playing.

Native American Flute

I also have a very special relationship with this flute. It was in fact my first real instrument. Shortly before, yet I had great doubts about whether without any music knowledge, I would be able to play this flute.

This is also the previously unpublished part of the story of how it came to the sound eye. Because finally I could express myself with the music and it was followed by many other instruments that can play all without any previous knowledge.

I’m still fascinated, that these instruments are that easy to play improvising from the heart. The Loveflute is the traditional flute of the “native-Americans”,  the North American Indians. The flute has a gentle and for these flutes typically warm and very “Indian” sounding tone.

Native American Flute

There are many stories about this flute. One, however, I like most and I want to tell you.

When a young Indian had come to look for a bride, he needed help. Because although he was a courageous fighter, but shy when it came to contact with the opposite sex. So he ran to a medicine man and shaman. This designed in a ritual the flute for the young man. She was adapted individually to him and corresponded from the sounds forth the young man’s inner traits. Back in his village the young Indian played on his flute and learned to open his heart. Now all he had to do was to wait, which woman was fascinated and attracted by this love melody. This woman became his bride.

And whom you would like the sound of your flute enchanted?

Listen to the Loveflute – “Teak”