a musical instrument that anyone can play

  • What makes the Klangauge special is the fact that the tuning can be changed. The tuning of every Klangauge can be switched between F major and E minor. Within just one minute, the instrument can be retuned from major to minor or back again.

discover a new world of sound

  • I would like to share a very important piece of information with you. Even without music lessons, anyone can have a lot of fun making their own music - it's just a case of having the right instrument!

who is the person behind the klangauge?

  • As an entrepreneur, I feel responsible for both my fellow man and for nature, so social responsibility and ethics are very important to me. This approach has more and more effect on the philosophy of the Klangauge musical instrument company.

Its time to play

Look now at our new Klangauge-Video. Just beautiful!   ...



The metal is working internally reacts to external influences, thereby the tones change. A non-tunable instrument of this type may be “out of tune” after a while. The ability to tune the K ...