What Klangauge players say

Dear Mr Künstler,
I would just like to say how much I enjoy the Klangauge.
I take it everywhere I go – on walks, to work, and when I’m travelling. I have fallen in love with it – it is a truly exceptional instrument and really stands out among others of its kind.
I played it under an ancient yew tree which is about 2500 years old, which was an amazing experience.
Many thanks and kind regards

Hi Jörg
I use my Klangauge every day, and everyone who hears it or plays it thinks it’s wonderful. As I mentioned before, I got a Hapi drum for teaching and I have to say that compared to your sophisticated instrument, it’s like something from a blacksmith!
Anyone who has any idea about music and plays an instrument will prefer the Klangauge, due to the way it feels, how easy it is to play with your fingers, and its fine-tuning capability.

After playing this wonderful disc all afternoon, I am especially appreciative of your craftsmanship, and how you make these available. I am so weary of Hang and Halo waiting lists and outrageous auction prices, and am glad to have something similar.

Dear Jörg
Your instrument sounds wonderful – in water and on dry land.

Something very special happened last week. Chris was playing in the water as we came across the meadow and the sound carried right out across the whole area… it was so welcoming…

We had the opportunity to test the Klangauge at an event and my daughter was so excited that she’s going to get one of her own now. What a great idea, what a great sound!

We have bought an extraordinary instrument, a wedding present that will be something that their children’s children’s children will talk about.
It is truly a gift that is remarkable and will offer a healing and inspirational sound soundtrack to their lives together.

Cheers again, and thanks for all the hard work you’ve no doubt put in to creating such a cool instrument as the klangauge!

Hello Mr Künstler
I just wanted to say two things:
(a) You wouldn’t believe how happy I am with this wonderful instrument. I have already paid and ordered one ;O)
(b) I will be using “your” instrument frequently as a musician on stage, at schools, in traffic jams or on holiday in the mountains of Nepal – yaay!
I wish you continued success with this incredibly beautiful instrument.

Hi. Many thanks for the incredibly nice e-mail and the tip about the microphone!!!
I’m really enjoying my Klangauge and wish you every success for the future with your wonderful work!
I hope we will hear from each other again.

Have a great weekend!

First of all, I’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the Klangauge! On the day it arrived, I immediately :-) took it with me to the Wiege, a home for severely disabled children and young people, and the afternoon with the Klangauge was a real hit!
It can be placed on the lap of a client in a wheelchair and they can feel it on their legs, or put their hands on it, or play it themselves.
I even used it for bed-bound clients – they enjoyed the sounds and vibrations with all their senses and put their faces and tongues on it (most of them can’t manage more than that) while I played and improvised with my voice.
The Klangauge has survived all the other “test days” very well too, and all the kids loved it!
I can recommend it to anyone with a clear conscience – it really is an extraordinarily good and
beautiful instrument!

P.S. Here’s a written statement from my colleague Reiner Haus from Datteln:
“First and foremost, I’d just like to say that the Klangauge is sensational. It has given my work a really decisive boost. Particularly in stationary oncology, where I often work with very weak children on beds, the instrument is absolutely magical.”

Great, huh?

As far as I know, you are the inventor of this brilliant instrument.

Yesterday, I also incorporated the Klangauge into a bodywork session and it worked incredibly well. All I had to do was lay it on the client’s back, legs or stomach and play gently and sensitively. Its effect on the client is unbelievable.
Highly recommended.
If I can help you and the Klangauge in any way (e.g. by making a video of it being used therapeutically) then please let me know.

The system with the magnets is really clever. I watched all the videos yesterday and tried it out. Easy, efficient and simply brilliant!

Firstly, many thanks for this wonderful instrument. Since it arrived it has almost never left my hands and has become a permanent companion :-))

Thanks for the quick reply. You made a very good job of creating the Klangauge. I especially like the way it can be tuned. I have two Hangs and your Klangauge is just as good as they are.
All the best, Werner

Hello and thank you for the absolutely professional way orders are handled, and for my Klangauge!
It sounds great and looks amazing too – as I expected ;O)

Many thanks for the CD as well, which is wonderful! Highly recommended – I’ve shared it on Facebook ;O)

So, thanks for the terrific instrument, and have wonderful Whit weekend… Uwe

Hi Jörg
Thanks for the fast delivery!