DNA tuning – 432 hz music

What is 432 Hertz music?

Klangauge 432 hz tuning

In music, a standard reference tone is used, so that musicians are in tune with each other when they play together. In England, the reference tone used to be A=432 Hz, but A was reset to 440 Hz in 1939. 440 Hz tuning is fine for playing music together, but its critics claim that it has less connection to nature.

One of the first people to address themselves to determining the reference tone for music was Joseph Sauveur. At the end of the 17th century, he set the reference tone to 432 Hz and was able to prove that this frequency was derived from the natural vibrational frequencies of the vocal cords when singing or the lips when whistling.

With the aid of the tuning magnets, anyone can tune the Klangauge to their preferred Hertz frequency.