All tunings in one instrument

More than 50 further tunings with the extra set of magnets

durch Magnetsets kann das Klangauge inndividuell gestimmt werden

The basic set of tuning magnets only allows a limited number of tunings, but now we also supply an extra set with different magnets, which opens up a whole range of new Klangauge tuning options. Once you understand the principle, which doesn’t take long, you can be creative and tune the instrument however you like.

Instructions on how to tune the Klangauge to the 10 scales below are supplied.

Mystic Chi

Chi, the cosmic life energy, is of central importance in Chinese culture. Chi features in the martial arts, in medicine (acupuncture, shiatsu etc.), in poetry, dance and in the theatre, and last but not least, in music.

Mystic Chi tuning opens the spirit to oriental wisdom.

D – F – G – A# – C – D – D# – F


A scale for the soul. Forget everyday life and let everything go – easy when you use these notes. Soul is very harmonious, heart-opening and relaxing, especially with A tuned to 432 Hz.

D# – F# – G# – A# – C# – D# – F# – G#

A minor, Sansula

Almost everyone knows the sansula, a further development of the kalimba with an indescribably gentle sound.

Using A minor Sansula tuning, you can finally play an instrument to accompany the sansula.

C – E – A – B – C – E – F – A

Love Oneself

This tuning will make you feel happy – that’s about all that needs to be said. The notes in this scale are tuned so harmonically that when they are played together, a powerful tapestry of sound is created which touches us deep inside. You won’t stop smiling and will want the music to carry on forever!

This tuning is a wonderful way of preparing for inner work, or simply reaching within and making yourself feel joyful.

C – F – G – A# – C – D – D# – G

E, Pygmy

This is an African scale, and comes from Rwanda. The Pygmy tuning creates a very light and relaxed atmosphere, but sounds very cheerful at the same time. Immerse yourself in the sound of Africa!

E – F# – G – B – D – E – F# – G


The sun doesn’t always shine, so here’s a scale for cool rainy days, perfect for sitting around a fire at home with loved ones by candlelight, with a beautiful scent in the air. It might even make you wish that the rain never stops…

The blues scale is just right for exploring your melancholy side.

D – F – G# – A# – B – D – D# – F

G major

Playing the G major scale on the Klangauge is like seeing a shaft of light appear after a thunderstorm. The clouds slowly thin out and the first rays of sunshine break through.

This scale is like reconciliation with life.

D – G – A – B – D – E – G – A

D major

These notes in this key will transport you on a journey of discovery, full of new experiences and surprises.

D major will make you feel bold and give you the strength to move forwards.

D – F# – A – C – D – E – F# – A

E, Akebono

The Akebono scale originally came from Japan, and is like a secret which has to be discovered by the player. A truly fascinating tuning, with a gentle hint of the exotic.

The Akebono scale is particularly suitable when playing with similar instruments.

E – F# – G – B – C – E – F# – G


A scale for all those who like to experiment a little with music. The double use of some of the notes creates unusual effects and differential tones.
The sounds that are created are absolutely sensational.

Ideal for anyone who likes to go on musical journeys. Tuned with A set to 432 Hz, it’s an amazing experience.

E – F – G – A – D – D – F# – F#