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The Klangauge® Handpan

The Klangauge® Handpan production is in full swing.

I am totally excited and glad that we can offer you such a special Handpan. The Handpan meets my high quality requirements for a musical instrument and you can tell. Already at the sight of the color my heart laughs. But, of course, it’s much more than that.

“Handpan” is the name for a group of musical instruments created in response to the worldwide interest in a hand-crafted brass instrument.

The first musical instruments of this kind were made in the Caribbean from old oil barrels and are still known as “Steel Drum”.

As material for our HandPans, we have chosen a special stainless steel alloy. This produces very full and warm tones. So the pan is absolutely stainless and I find the reddish color, which is created by heating the metal, much friendlier and more pleasant than the usual gray. In addition, it can be dispensed to the process of nitriding.

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Tuning: Celtic Minor / Kurd # D / A Bb C D E F G A

This tuning has a very special sound character and above all, it is also very common, which means that you can play very well with other Handpan players or completely different musicians/instruments together. The atmosphere is easy to play and therefore very suitable for beginners.

Other tunings on request.


The metal is working internally reacts to external influences, thereby the tones change. A non-tunable instrument of this type may be “out of tune” after a while. The ability to tune the Klangauge makes it unrivaled and thus to a fully mature and professional musical instrument.

Hang – Hapi – Klangauge

What is the difference between Hang und Klangauge?

The Hang was developed by the Swiss company PanArt. It was built nd sold over many years.

The Bern German” meaning of hang is hand, because you play it with his hand.

The Klangauge has vibrating reeds, and the Hang has hammered sound fields. The Klangauge is much smaller and therefore easier to handle and it is also tunable. The Klangauge has nothing to do with the physical principles of sound generation with the Hang.

Jörg Künstler has been inspired by the Hang in the development of the Klangauge while, but the Klangauge ist a  completely separate instrument with its own character, which although recalls in his playing style on the Hang, but of its design is a completely different instrument.

What is the difference between HAPI-Drum and Klangauge?

Like the HAPI-Drum, the Klangauge is an instrument of the group of slit drums.

Here we show the essential differences.
HAPI-Drum originKlangauge
Firmensitz USA Deutschland
Gewicht/ Abmessung4,3 kg / 30x22cm3,5 kg / 30x16cm
KlangGrundton stärkerOberton stärker
Sägeschnitte am ZungenendeJa, unlackiert (Rostgefahr)Nein, keine Sägeschnitte durch spezielle Stimmtechnik
Stimmungsschwankungen durch Materialermüdung und Haarrisse am ZungenendeMöglich, kann nicht ausgeglichen werdenMöglich, kann durch die Stimmmagnete ausgeglichen werden
Zubehör: MaterialKunststoffHolz, Wollfilz
Zubehör: HerkunftIndienDeutschland

Pick it up and feel..

Professional sound for everyone


Be a musician

Whether you’re a professional musician, or if you just discover the music only for you. The Klangauge is the ideal musical instrument for you, because everyone is a musician, everyone has this talent. All you need is the right tool to raise your talent. The ingenious pentatonic tuning of the Klangauge makes this possible.

Made in Germany


We produce handmade and in our own factory in Germany. All construction and accessories come from Germany as well. We were the first player in the European market and have the most experience. This guarantees absolute quality. Who keeps the Klangauge in his hands, senses the uniqueness and the beautiful energy it radiates.