Handpan arrived

The first HandPan has arrived.

I’m really excited and happy that after a long search I finally found someone
who makes first-class HandPans, and met my quality requirements for a musical instrument.

Listen to the Sound of our HandPan

#coming soon


The HandPan is a musicinstrument which became known by the name “Hang”. The “Hang” was originally co-developed by a Swiss company and the name “Hang” means “hand”. It is swiss slang from Bern (Berndeutsch), because you play the instrument with the Hang (hand).

The first musical instruments of this kind were made in the Caribbean from old oil barrels and are still known as “Steel Drum”.

As material for our HandPans, we have chosen a special stainless steel alloy. This produces very full and warm tones. So the pan is absolutely stainless and I find the reddish color, which is created by heating the metal, much friendlier and more pleasant than the usual gray. In addition, it can be dispensed with in my opinion questionable process of nitriding.

Our HandPans cost from € 1550, – and they are not yet in the shop. Only available on request!

Immediately available is the HandPan from the picture in Celtic Minor D.