New Loveflutes arrived!


The love flute is a traditional flute of the “native Americans”, i.e. the North American Indians. Here it is a matter of a wooden duct flute with a block whistle mechanism. The particularity about it is that the wooden duct is formed with the help of a block at the outside of the flute body.

Listen to the Loveflute


The flute produces a soft sound. As it is typical for this kind of flutes, it is warm and seems very “Indian”.

There are many stories about this flute and I would like to share with you one of my favourite ones.

When a young Indian was ready to look after a bride he needed help. Although he was a courageous warrior he was shy in contact with the other sex. He got in touch with a medicine man and shaman who developed the flute for him in a ritual. It was individually aligned for the young man and the tones corresponded to his nature. Back in his village he played his flute and thus learned to open his heart. All he had to do now was to wait and see which woman was fascinated and attracted by his love melody.

So who would you like to enchant with the sound of your flute?