Hang – Hapi – Klangauge

What is the difference between Hang und Klangauge?

The Hang was developed by the Swiss company PanArt. It was built nd sold over many years.

The Bern German” meaning of hang is hand, because you play it with his hand.

The Klangauge has vibrating reeds, and the Hang has hammered sound fields. The Klangauge is much smaller and therefore easier to handle and it is also tunable. The Klangauge has nothing to do with the physical principles of sound generation with the Hang.

Jörg Künstler has been inspired by the Hang in the development of the Klangauge while, but the Klangauge ist a  completely separate instrument with its own character, which although recalls in his playing style on the Hang, but of its design is a completely different instrument.

What is the difference between HAPI-Drum and Klangauge?

Like the HAPI-Drum, the Klangauge is an instrument of the group of slit drums.

Here we show the essential differences.
HAPI-Drum originKlangauge
Firmensitz USADeutschland
Gewicht/ Abmessung4,3 kg / 30x22cm3,5 kg / 30x16cm
KlangGrundton stärkerOberton stärker
Sägeschnitte am ZungenendeJa, unlackiert (Rostgefahr)Nein, keine Sägeschnitte durch spezielle Stimmtechnik
Stimmungsschwankungen durch Materialermüdung und Haarrisse am ZungenendeMöglich, kann nicht ausgeglichen werdenMöglich, kann durch die Stimmmagnete ausgeglichen werden
Zubehör: MaterialKunststoffHolz, Wollfilz
Zubehör: HerkunftIndienDeutschland

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